Too much time spent working, not enough time spent watching TV.

But I did watch the Duggar wedding last night and my only reflections are on the family choice of footwear (whether they choose to wear shoes or not, Jill!) and my relief that they did not choose to serve the melted ice cream root beer floats. Buy used, save the difference, serve spoiled food. It seemed like it could have easily happened. Next week is Jessa's engagement which I hope involves 0 minutes of screen time from Ben.


Then I watched Wednesday night's The Voice. I spent a total of 5 minutes watching it on fast forward. I remember nothing that happened, nor do I care.

Finally, I felt like I could invest no time or energy into what was on in the background while I worked, so I finally caught up on the last two episodes of A to Z. I guess I like it? I guess? There's something mildly charming about it, but I'm mostly interested in seeing how it will end (if the show ever gets there, which it most certainly won't). Why do they break up in 8 months? What happens? What's Z?


I fell asleep to an episode of Friends: The One With Ross's Thing. Easily the best thing I watched.

Tonight will be another night with not enough time to watch anything good. Fuck.

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