Not a great day for TV yesterday.

Finished the rest of Monday night's The Voice. I fucking hate that show and watch it on fast forward (only the songs) so 1.5 hours quickly turns into 10 minutes, but it's still such a waste of time. I guess the reason I keep watching is that I fucking hate myself too.


Caught an episode of House Hunters while preparing dinner. A nice couple—she, a former accordion player from Norway, and he, a former Marine, bought a house in Oceanside, CA, a formerly nice town. Good for them? I guess? At least they kept the carpets in. I don't understand the side garage on the house though. Was it a faux door? Or was it actually space for a 3rd car?

Then I watched another Roseanne Halloween episode (the one where David and Darlene trick Roseanne) because 21 minutes of comedy is all I can handle while pretending to get stuff done around the house. And then I wrapped up the night with New Girl and Mindy Project episodes from two weeks ago. I hate them both, but I think the writing is better than ever, so I always have to sort of force myself to watch. When I do, it's a pleasant experience, but I still let the episodes stack up for weeks before I press play. I'd rather watch 20 House Hunters and at least 10 2-hour Datelines before watching those two.


I didn't stay up to watch Jill Duggar get married because I would have become too excited to sleep. And speaking of excitement, Jessa is getting married on Saturday! And I'm still not married! Bless those girls, each and every one (especially Jana).

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