I woke up and watched an episode of House Hunters Renovation from the day before. A perfectly nice couple from a perfectly nice Boston suburb made a perfectly nice home with a slightly weird mud room. The chose this house because they wanted to make a hockey rink in their backyard, which is something that I guess some people like to do.

While stripping paint from a table later in the day, I watched Thursday night's Parenthood. This Julia and the new guy bullshit is bullshit. Just give us a happy ending. You can't kill of Zeke and split the two of them up. It's cheating.


Before bed, I watched Homeland. Homeland is real good this season. Last night's episode was really, really good.

After I should have been asleep, I then stayed up to watch the best show on TV: 90 Day Fiance. If you're going to stay up past your bedtime to watch one show, this show should definitely be it.


I have the following major questions regarding 90 Day Fiance:

  • Daya and Brett, huh?
  • Danielle and Mohamed, huh?

I have other questions (is the ring fake?) but I don't have 8 spare hours to type them out.

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