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What I Watched on TV: Monday, October 27

I began to watch Sunday night's episode of My Five Wives. Then I got stressed out because sometimes that show is too much for me. Sister Wives is never enough for me, but MFW creates a level of stress I can't handle. Stopped 9 minutes in.

I had TiVo'd Sunday's Roseanne Halloween marathon from TVLand , so then I watched Season 2, Episode 7 "BOO!" Great episode. This show is so fucking good and more shows should be like it. Fuck Gilmore Girls; when is Roseanne coming back to Netflix?


Then I resumed MFW. Maybe I could handle it after a break. (I couldn't.) Stopped 26 minutes in because Paulie is a demon, Nonie is the worst woman on earth, and whatsherface, No-Ring Crybaby, makes me very, very sad. The other two wives are fine, which I guess is still ok odds for Brady. After stopping the recording again, I checked in on Kody Brown's family via Instagram. Those weirdos are fucking weirdos, but I'm glad Mariah is continuing her studies at the prestigious Westminster College.

Then I watched Roseanne Season 3, Episode 7.

After that, I checked in on my favorite has-been Instagram and then remembered to check her daughter's insufferable YouTube channel. Was sad to see I'd missed this one and its billions of dollars in Lancer skincare products:

After watching this, I knew could handle the rest of MFW. So I did it; I powered through.


Then as I got ready for bed, I started to watch The Voice, but I fast forwarded through the Taylor Swift parts because I remembered thinking, "I'll probably have to watch those online tomorrow while I work." And I was right! But I watched 4 songs, they were boring as hell. Turned it off.

Tonight, Jill Duggar gets married. I remain unmarried.

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