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This is Henry and I wish I'd given him up in that breakup eight years ago. His preferred food—unlike Gudrun—is plastic bags. The only other food he'll eat costs $1.99 per can and he eats at least two of those a day. He answers to "Henry" and "Chunks." I'll sell him to the highest bidder. » 8/08/14 1:17pm 8/08/14 1:17pm

I think it's because the smell lingers, but it's also so easy to burn and that smell is really bad? I worked an awful temp job one summer where a woman burned some microwave popcorn and people were so mean to her after. She cried after she did it, she didn't come back for the next project, and people still talked… » 7/16/14 2:24pm 7/16/14 2:24pm